• Maasai Mara

     Best wildebeest migration safari , home of the largest animal sanctuary  on earth. Explore  The BIG 5 land mammals , African Savannah Lions, The Maasai cultural Tours , top African Hot air balloon Safaris ,  best luxury safari camps in Africa  and safest African safaris on a 4x4 safari Landcruiser.

  • Cultural tours

    On top of the list of things to do in Kenya is a visit to the Maasai villages and Safari walks to some of the world most indigenous people groups. This tour gives you the most unique cultural safari experience in Kenya exposing you to a blend of tribes, traditions and cultural heritage. Among the top featured is a visit to the   famous Maasai people of East Africa, the Samburu cultural heritage and the Turkana communities.

  • Top rated Kenyan beaches

    Diani beach in Kenya has retained the title as the most visited beach in Africa. The Kenyan Coastal beaches are known as an ideal destination due to its panoramic views and a haven for those searching for the sun.

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This is really is a unique adventure encountering indigenous Maasai people of east Africa , the best big 5 safari adventure , the great wildebeest migration safari in Maasai mara through Serengeti national reserve in Tanzania and amazing wildlife in their natural habitat.

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